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Knoxville's literary legacy, mapped out.

Literary Knox seeks to bring Knoxville’s literary history alive for citizens and visitors (both virtual and actual). By providing maps, biography, and contextual information that connect us to the landscape of these authors’ lives and works, the site makes it easier for interested folks to engage the writing from and about our scruffy city.

This site was envisioned and created by professor bill hardwig with vital assistance from John NICHOLS. Bill and john are members of the english department at the university of tennessee, knoxville.

Special thanks to several members of the Knoxville community for help with this project:

Jill Knight and Jill Knight Design

Wes Morgan and his website “Searching for Suttree”

Jack Neely and The Knoxville History Project

Angie Wilson and Visit Knoxville

Steve Cotham and The East Tennessee Historical Society

The entire UT English Department and College of Arts and Sciences

Questions? Comments? Bill can be reached via email at